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a-mac Environmental have made it easier for you to protect your workforce from process pollutants, using Plymovent products. If you’re looking for replacement arms for your existing extraction system or require a small local ventilation extraction unit for small process, you can find it here. You will also be able to order replacement filters for your Plymovent Units.

At a-mac Environmental we are experts in clean air solutions for the workplace. Our goal is to provide a cleaner, safer, pollution-free workplace through the provision of local extraction systems.

a-mac Environmental specialises in providing easily installed local ventilation solutions for your workplace.

Extraction Arms


With an extensive product range from leading global manufacturers including Plymovent, we are able to provide superior quality at competitive prices.

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Stationary Filter Units


We are able to provide energy control systems which operate based upon actual demand. This innovative product can be integrated into your existing systems, resulting in reduced energy consumption and substantial cost savings.

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Replacement Extraction Filters


All extraction units will need their filters replacing at some point and here at a-mac Environment we have a wide range of filters to meet your requirements.

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Our Products

  • UltraFlex-4/LC

    The UltraFlex-4/LowCeiling is a wall-mounted flexible extraction arm with a rotatable hood RotaHood. Incorporated into the hood is a throttle valve that can be fully opened, partially opened or completely closed to control airflow at hood opening. The arm features a focus extraction spoiler, which directs the air into the hood.

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  • Ball Bearing Arm Extension

    KUA is the extraction arm of choice and comes in various models. It is a flexible extraction arm for fume, gases and oil mist contaminants. Unique to the KUA is the combination of inner and outer arms of smooth aluminium tubing connected by our unique middle joint.

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  • Multismart Arm 125mm

    MultiSmart® extraction arm’s unique, clear-thru design gives a completely uninterrupted airflow and the lowest pressure loss of any arm on the market. Maintaining high airflow without turbulence eliminates the build-up of particulate and reduces the cost of maintenance. The safety encased arm mechanism is outside the air stream producing “one touch” smooth movement combined with outstanding stability.

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